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Hi there. Welcome to Writing Happiness!

I am Marya. Think Maria with a Y. :)

Before I tell you a little bit about me, let me tell you why you should care.

I am on a mission to help you create an awesome online course – and make sure you sell it.

Let me ask you a few quick questions first (just to see if this thing is going to work out).


Do you want to stop trading hours for dollars and want to make an impact in a bigger way?

Do you want attract your perfect audience online? (Do you even know who they are?)

Do you want to convert them into paying customers and yet stay true to yourself? Sell you program without having to use hypey, over the top copy?

Bonus questions for extra brownie points:

Are you also a busy Mum or someone with a J.O.B?

Dare I say, you are an introverted soul and you don’t want to spend hours on social media, make videos or start a podcast? 

You are in the right place. In fact, we are perfect for each other … :)

Let me tell you why.


I am passionate about teaching. I am a big advocate of life-long learning.

And I want to support teachers, trainers and instructors get their message out, help more people – and make more money.

I have been a teacher for 10+ years.

I have created and launched three online courses on my own.

And yet, it took me years to do this. I don’t want you to take this long.

I am Marya. I am a Pakistani Australian (and yes, I do have an accent – see my picture above?)

I left my full time job to stay home with my kids and deal with a taxing personal situation. I started a blog to save my sanity – more about that in a minute. I fell into freelancing and from there built my own email list, launched three online courses and started offering consulting services.

How long did it take me? Well, close to three years. (And that’s with an MBA – Marketing and Post Grad Diploma in Education under my belt!)

Because I made ton of mistakes.

In 2010, I started a personal blog  ‘Marya Writes’ to keep my sanity (I know some of you have been with me from day 1 and following along in my journey, and I am soo grateful). I started working as a freelance content creator in 2011, that’s why Writing Happiness was born. For the next two years, I worked part time hours, only switching to working full time last year (2013).

It took me three years to run a profitable business. But I know I could have done it faster.

I have learnt so much and I know first hand what works for busy mumpreneurs – like yourself – and what doesn’t.

I want to save YOU hours of wasted time, tears and heartache.

While I can’t promise that you will become a millionaire soon, I can help you create and launch a successful online course.

I can help you build your email list – fast  (so you can get your first set of customers). I can help you create the right content so you can attract your ideal audience from day 1.

Without having to spend hours on social media, without doing video, podcast or anything you don’t want. Without spending big bucks on an expensive website or running ads.

I have done it  – and I am helping many clients and readers do that, as well.

What do you think? You think you are in the right place?


This is how I do it.

I teach you everything you need to do before you even think about creating your online course – and after. So you don’t end up putting your heart and soul into something that nobody wants.

I teach you how to revamp your content and build your email list. Your website content is the best marketing tool there is. Only, if you know how to use it right. (You don’t have to post content daily, you don’t have to ‘become popular’, and you don’t need a big list for business success!)  

Fix all the leaks on your website and stop losing readers. Get the right people on your list in the first place. The people who are more likely to buy your course.

Learn to write blog content that get your audience excited about your program.

Convert more subscribers by writing emails that get opened, read and clicked. Create landing pages that persuade – and grow your business with fantastic results.

And deliver a course that will knock their socks off!

I talk all about that – and more – in a positive, fun manner. :)


Man this blog is good. Stanford Smith – Pushing Social


You can read my story here (published on Tiny Buddha); how I came to start this blog. It’s pretty ordinary; no lay offs from any jobs, no getting over life threatening illnesses, no life experiments, no selling everything and going around the world kinda story. Just an itch to carry on teaching and helping people …

An everyday story, written by an everyday writer.


Client Raves

Here are some excerpts from my happy clients (read more detailed client stories here).

“The coaching gave me the courage to quit my awful law practice job to focus on something meaningful – like my business.” Shannon Brandao – Tutor and coach. Shannontutors.com

“My opt-in rate for my bribe is about 70% at the moment, which I’m just thrilled with.” Kellie O’Brien, Kellie O’Brien Media

“The content opened up a whole new world of things to consider and work on. I love having the worksheets.” Sue Ferguson, Coach

“I think you’ve done an outstanding job.” Peggy Lea Baker. Author, Artist, Entrepreneur. Smashwords.com

“I would definitely recommend you to others.” Rebecca Ward, Lingerie Pattern Technologist. Knit1tea1.com


Few Things about Me

  • I am many things: Online Course Strategist, Content trainer, freelance blogger, teacher, qualified lawyer, 24/7 mum and of course imperfectly human!
  • I have been published on leading blogs such as The Huffington Post, Boost Blog Traffic, Men With Pens, Problogger, Write to Done, Make a Living Writing, Freelance Switch, Firepole Marketing, Tiny Buddha, and many more.
  • I have done hundreds of blog reviews for small business clients and coached many.
  • I have created and launched three online programs.
  • I teach ‘Blogging for Business’ short courses at TAFE providers locally. I also conduct workshops at local universities.
  • My formal qualifications include a Bachelor at Law and MBA -Marketing. I have 10 year experience of working in academia.
  • I have been a business writer for a number of years. I have also taught Business Communication, Business Writing and ESL to graduate-level students and worked as a student counselor – something I enjoyed immensely.
  • I am the classic INFJ personality type. ‘The Confidant”.
  • I hail from a land down under – Australia.
  • I am a book lover, a foodie, business self-help addict and obsessed with perfumes.
  • When I am excited I write – and then I publish. Typos do creep in and that’s just the way it is. Don’t hate me for that.
  • This blog is a story of my passion – blogging, writing, helping, befriending. It’s very much human, and like all humans; imperfect and growing.

And this is where I hang out.

Put your feet up, grab a cuppa and stay for a while. And welcome to my world! :)


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Now dive in …