Take a step back


I hate my website. It’s sooo basic. It doesn’t say hire me, like right now. It doesn’t look expensive. I want my website to look expensive – damn it. I want my website to wow people. I hate my Facebook page.I need to make my cover photo more glamorous. I need to get more likes….

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business With This?


Wanna know how I built my own business? Do you want me to tell you the biggest secret behind my profitable business? How I managed to create and sell two online training programs, booked amazing consulting clients and created an impressive portfolio of freelance work? With guest blogging. Yup, that’s it. I know that’s not…

How to Write Emails to Influencers (That Will Get Opened And Read)


Are you trying to get the attention of some big shot? No scrap that – are you trying to get in touch with someone and they happen to be an influencer in your industry? Your intentions are pure and you’d very much like for them to open and read your email. But here’s the problem:…

How Not to Write the Most Annoying Headline of the Day

annoying headlines

(Alternatively titled as: How not to write an headline that sucks. Except, that one is pretty annoying, too.) You know what, I haven’t written any posts about headlines, ever. While it has not been a conscious decision, I have never felt compelled to tackle this topic. There are couple of reasons for that – I…

Make these 7 Blog Tweaks And Attract Your Perfect Reader Almost Instantly

blog tweaks

Why do you blog? Is your goal to grow you email list? Do you want to build your authority, raise awareness about your brand? Do you want to help more people and sell more of your products and services at the same time? If you said yes to any or every question listed above, then…