One Thing Every New (Or Old) Entrepreneur Needs

My 10 year old is smart.

Really, really smart.

He works on advanced topics all by himself. His mental ability of doing Math in his head is phenomenal. He is a great storyteller.

He never looks to me for help when he is doing his homework. He is self-sufficient He is doing great.

My 7 year old is very smart too.

He is a different kind of smart.

Real world smart.

He gets along great with other kids. He is a connector.

He is always coming up with new ideas. He is into art and creativity and business (yes, he wants to “become a miner and hunt for diamonds” – his words, not mine.)

He is doing great, as well.

Both of my kids don’t need my help in so many ways.

And yet, they are constantly running their ideas by me. They want to know what they are thinking makes sense. They want to run things by me.

My older one hardly ever needs help with homework, for example, but he shows it to me all the time.

My little one often does, but once he starts, he does a great job. He just needs to know how to start. He just needs to be told that he is doing the right thing.

What they need is permission – permission to go ahead.

And validation – that it makes perfect sense to proceed in this manner.


I get so many clients who in the start of our one-on-one call, after we have explored where they are at, say this to me.

‘Ok, great, I just needed to hear you say that.’

I talk to so many people with perfectly good ideas of starting their businesses but they are stuck and unable to move forward.

They keep accumulating knowledge, they constantly add to their expertise but they don’t know if they can do this.

They don’t know how to get the word out about what they are planning to do. They don’t know if anyone would ever buy from them. They don’t know if they can do a good job of fulfilling a promise they make to these people.

People who have 10 year of industry experience. People who have been in the trenches for years

They are smart business owners. But sometimes they need that little bit of reassurance.

So what should they do?

This is my advice:  If you are wanting to start a website, launch a product or a service, make an offer or look for clients, take the next step.

You don’t have to all it all figured out. You just need to take the next step.

And what if you can’t? Then get someone to help you do that. Ask a peer, a mentor or hire a coach. Get some feedback.

If you are like my 10 year old, then you need someone to have a look at your action steps to see if they align with your overall strategy.

If you are like my 7 year old, then you need someone to glance at your plans and tell you if what you have in your head makes sense and to work out an action plan.

You don’t need another course – unless you do.

Courses are great for filling skill gaps. But often times you just need one person who is qualified to tell you – yes, what you are saying makes sense. Go ahead and do it.


You and I are like little kids.

We are really good are what we do. We are smart entrepreneurs.

Sometimes we need help, but mostly what we need is validation.

Like every child who brings up his work to his teacher (or Mum) and asks, is this right? Am I doing this great?, we need someone to tell us what we are doing is right.

That what we do makes sense.

We need approval.

We just want someone else tell us that what we think about makes sense. We need to hear it from someone else.

We need permission to move ahead.

What kind of permission do you need today?

Leave a comment and I’ll tell you what you need to hear.

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