Why these 34 Bloggers Inspired Me in 2011

2011 is almost gone, and it is time to make a list of bloggers that I couldn’t be without.

I have been following some of you since I started blogging, some of you I had the good fortune of finding recently.

Few are mentors, many are friends, quite a few are friends in the making. YAY. (You know who you are!).

You have inspired me, you have taught me much more than I cared to know about; you have shown me how to blog with my heart but not leave my smarts behind.

Blogging Blogs

All of us are bloggers here, so can anyone resist a good blogging blog? I know I can’t. Unless I get sick of blogging, which aint happening anytime soon.

1. Darren Rowse, Problogger

I have yet to meet anyone who says bad things about Darren. Whether we comment on Problogger posts or not - and they do publish a lot – we all know we subscribe right? I love the variety in the posts and featured voices. I always find something that makes it to my ‘swipe file’. Thanks Darren & Georgina!

2. Chris Garrett, Chris G

The nicest (and probably the shyest) blogger I know, and not any blogger. The Authority Blogger! I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and Darren both at the Problogger conference. Have the signed Problogger book to prove it too.

3. Danny Brown, For Bloggers By Bloggers

Love his insights, he is a real thought leader. Follow Danny if you want fresh perspectives and want to hear from a guy who tells it like it is. He is the real deal. Check out his blog on social media and marketing. Although I don’t comment much, but I am always reading!

Also they have more great writers at FBBB such as Frank Dickinson, Sarah Arrow, Bob Dunn and Joey Strawn (love his voice!). Thank you guys, you are a pleasure to read – anytime.

4. Martyn Chamberlin, Two Hour Blogger

Martyn is one smart dude. I love his no-nonsense approach to blogging. He always gets straight to the point and there is never any reason to skim anything. The only thing I don’t like about him – he is so young. Makes me feel quite inadequate sometimes.

Oh, he writes very frequently – not! He, and Joseph Putnam, and Chris Garrett, and Derek Halphern. That makes their posts that much worth reading.

5. Joseph Putnam, Blog Tweaks

Ditto for Joseph. Love his clarity, simplicity and conciseness of thought – a winning combination.

6. Blog Tyrant

Nobody knows who is this guy but everybody knows how good he is. His posts are always value packed and never let you down. I especially enjoy his choice in images, always relevant, always thought provoking.

7. Brankica Underwood, Blog Like a Star

Solid tips, lots of heart. Brankica is a one cool blogging chick. I learn a lot from her.

8. Annabel Candy, Successful Blogging

I met the gorgeous Annabel at the Problogger conference as well. Very gracious and humble lady. I always read her blog for inspiration when I am running short on ideas.

9. Judy Dunn Cats Eye Writer

In my past life, I was a teacher. This is why I love Judy’s philosophy of blogging so much. I know where she is coming from and her teaching references are always delightful.

10. Daniel Scocco, Daily Blog Tips

I spoke to Daniel on two occasions precisely - both times when he responded to say yes to my guest posts. (Actually he did say no to one, but who cares). There is plenty of material to satisfy a diverse range of readers, anything from blogging to creating content (my favourite) to SEO or link building. If you can think of it, it’s there.

Writing Blogs

11. Mary Jaksch, Write to Done

I have learnt a lot from Mary. She runs the successful A list Blogging Club, plus a dozen other blogs. I mention her here as the Editor of Write to Done, my all time favourite writing blog.

Did I mention I was recently a finalist in the Annual Top 10 Writing Blogs Contest 2010-11? (See the side bar, can’t stop shouting from the rooftops).

12. Sonia Simone, Copyblogger

Also met Sonia at the Problogger conference. She is so casual for someone who is a web celebrity. The reason I mention her, instead of Brian Clark; she said she is the one who is 90% responsible for the blog. Well, you get my vote Sonia.

13. Melissa Donovan, Writing Forward

Melissa won’t know me from any other readers on her blog, because I am a lurker there – big time. I really need to let her know how valuable her blog is. The only grammar blog I follow. Wondering if this post might clue her in?

14. Jeff Goins, Goins Writer

I know we are all writers here. We might write different kinds of prose and we might write for totally different reasons, but we still write. Any time you are short on inspiration, read Jeff. No other inspirational writing blog required.

15. Ali Luke, Aliventures

Ali is everywhere, at least everywhere I go. Does this mean we both have exceptionally good taste when it comes to reading – and writing?

16. James Chartrand, Men with Pens

No writer on the web should miss this blog. Thought I’d say this anyway.

Freelance Writing Blogs

17. Ruth Zive, Freelance Writing Blog

Ruth is an extremely talented writer – she is better than most writers on the web. By her own admission, she got raving fans within few months of setting up her blog, many of those wrote passionate nominations for her at Write to Done’s contest. She is also a very kind hearted soul, somebody who is surely becoming a friend. Thank you for your support Ruth.

18. Sean Platt, Ghostwriter Dad

I have been reading Sean’s guest posts in places like Copyblogger but I didn’t come to see him as a mentor until I signed up for blog and got his 30 day series for free. For people who are interested in writing sales letters (copywriting), I would highly recommend Sean. He is friendly, approachable and very inspirational. Go Sean!

19. Carol Tice, Make a Living Writing

I discovered Carol’s blog last year and have been reading her since. Don’t let her casual and sometimes self-deprecating demeanour fool you. She will teach you a thing  or two, even when you don’t ask for it. Carol rocks!

20. Oni, Young Prepro

Oni is 18. Years. Old. He too writes about making money from writing, only he shows you how to do it. He has often shared his own traffic and income generation reports. Talk about transparency.

Marketing & Social Media Blogs

21. Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Cafe

Ana is the most down to earth blogger I know – for someone who is so successful. Just head over to see her blog and check out the comments she gets on her posts. She has built a community. The best thing about her is the way she writes; anyone who might be technically challenged will still understand what she is talking about. That is her real strength. Love Ana!

22. Kristi Hines, Kikolani

Everybody knows about Kristi. She generates some of the most heavy duty content on her blog and other places – recently I have read a lot of her work on Kissmetrics. She is awesome.

23. Stanford Smith, Pushing Social

Stanford falls in the camp of really smart guys on the web. I really enjoy reading his posts, he is always insightful and regularly dishes out great fodder for thought. A mix of blogging and social media tips – just the perfect amount too. Must read.

24. Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Marcus is an all around great guy. His posts always put a smile on my face and his enthusiasm is contagious. He writes about inbound marketing and content strategies and has built an amazing tribe. Leave a comment on any of his posts and you will find out why.

25. Derek Halphern, Social Triggers 

When Sonia Simone spoke at Problogger Conference this year, she only mentioned a few people. Guess who was one of them? Derek! This is how big he is, and he won’t hesitate to let you know either, not for a second. :) Still, he is very friendly and approachable. Plus, is there any other blog like his? I rest my case.

And lastly, I am quickly going to give a shout out to these amazing bloggers who lift my spirit when I am down in the dumps. I must confess, I go to them as I need them, so I am being very selfish here but I won’t let go.

Personal Development Blogs

26. John Sherry, The 100% You

27. Steven Aitchison, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

28. Jennifer Gresham, Everyday Bright

29. Srinivas Rao, The Skool of Life

30. Farnoosh Brock, Prolific Living

31. Christopher Smith & Mike Vardy, Stepcase Lifehack

32. Tess Marshall, The Bold Life

33. Katie Tallo, Momentum Gathering

34. Jonathan Mead, Illuminated Mind

This post – that took hours to complete - is not a lame attempt to ‘network‘ with these bloggers. Many of them are too nice (and too clever) for that. Plus, most of them like me already. :)

If this post was helpful to you, please spread the word. Share on facebook, like, tweet – do your magic. Because, these people deserve to know we love them.

Have you taken my 3-minute Client Attraction Quiz? Check it out now, it’s awesome! :)

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74 Responses to Why these 34 Bloggers Inspired Me in 2011
  1. Reading your blog to find blog’s about blogging :) Always helpful. Thanks, Marya.

    • marya

      Thank you Pete. Your comments always mean a lot! Cheers. :)

  2. I am just starting my blog. I am planning to have it fully launced on the lst. Thank you so much for the great leads on great blogs. Some I knew about and some I did not, so I am grateful that I learned something new today. Thank you.

    • marya

      Hi Alison, you are most welcome. This a great bunch of bloggers worth following. What I love about them, they are really nice people and care about their readers a lot. Hope you discover new blogs to follow.
      And welcome to writing happiness! :)

  3. I clicked on the first five profiles and got a 404 page not found.
    Jim Syyap recently posted..Here is something you might not know about me

    • marya

      That’s very unusual Jim. I just double checked and all the links are working fine. Did you view the post in your RSS or email? Do let me know so I can figure out what the problem is. Thanks.

    • marya

      Hi again. I am so sorry, you were right, I found some broken links, dont know how it happened. I apologize for any inconvenience, I am going to send another email out with the correct links. Thanks so much for letting me know. I owe you one, mate. Cheers :)

  4. Thanks for the mention, writing for ‘For bloggers, by bloggers’ is great fun :)
    Look forward to reading some more of your posts over there too.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..7 ways to research content for your blog (that you may have forgot about)

    • marya

      I agree Sarah, great minds writing at FBBB hehehe. No seriously, every time I write something that has, how shall I put it, some unconventional wisedom, I instantly think of FBBB as the place to put it up. I know if it’s any good, it will be appreciated. Many thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to getting connected properly in 2012. :)


  5. WOW.

    That’s a phenomenal list, Marya. And I’m thrilled to be included in such great company.

    Thanks so much, and the happiest of New Year’s to you!
    Sean recently posted..From Discipline to Direction

    • marya

      Thank you for droppin by Sean. I subscribe to over 100 blogs but the 34 I have chosen here, I wouldn’t be able to cut down any more even if I was forced to. I feel connected with you guys and its nice to let you know. Take care and have a wonderful 2012. :)

  6. Marya,

    Thanks for the mention. It’s just this kind of closeness and feeling of connectedness in this community that I love.

    One thing I will say is that I have collected more writers as readers over the last year and, being that I’m finishing and marketing my first book, I do consider Cat’s Eye in the category of writing blogs now. There is such a fine line between writing and blogging anyway, isn’t there? The best bloggers ARE good writers. : )

    I decided to leave the For Bloggers By Bloggers team (although I still love them to death and will be a regular contributor) because I wanted to focus solely on writing. These are exciting times! And, by the way, congrats on making the finalist list for Write to Done awards. Much deserved.
    Judy Dunn recently posted..Write Better in 2012 by Reading More: What’s on Your Bookshelf?

    • marya

      Judy, you make a fair point re blogging vs writing. The reason why I grouped you under blogging is because you have been talking about creating blog content more than anything else (please correct me if I am wrong). For this reason, I feel closer to your blog than any other writer’s. But if you want to write about writing in general, thats perfectly fine too. :)

      Thanks for your wishes. I am over the moon really. Have a happy new year’s and best of luck for your book. I am a huge fan of memoirs too!


      • Marya,

        Yes, the lines do blur. And taking a successful blog in a slightly different direction can be scary. But since I’m not doing copywriting for businesses anymore and am going the author route now, I knew that my blog had to change. Thank you for including me in this list. And you? You have come a long way in this past year!


        Judy Dunn recently posted..Write Better in 2012 by Reading More: What’s on Your Bookshelf?

        • marya

          Judy I know exactly what you mean. Its the difference between creative and techincal isn’t it? Good on you for doing what you want to do. And I am sure your blog will still be fantastic.:) Thanks for your support Judy .. means a lot to me.

  7. Thanks so much for the inclusion, Marya! And I’m in such lovely company too (hi, Sarah ;-) )

    I agree with you that we must both have exceptionally good taste… :-)
    Ali Luke recently posted..Over $1,000 Raised – Thank You!

    • marya

      Ali, I feel honoured to have you over. I really admire and relate to your work philisophy and ethics thats why I chose you. Following your work since 2010 when I started blogging. Have a fantastic new year. Cheers.

  8. What a great list Marya! I love your picks too. It’s not an easy job to narrow down your favorites is it? I’ve done this in the past and it does take hours.
    Best wishes for a fabulous new year.
    Angela Artemis/WriteABook recently posted..Great Roundup of Information for Aspiring Authors

    • marya

      Well, this has been an ongoing project Angela but I am so happy with my final choices. SInce I have been following these bloggers for over a year, I feel like I know them well and had no problems when it came to writing a short ‘why’. Thanks for appreciating it, hope you discover some people to follow. Have a wonderful 2012. :) Marya

  9. Aaaaaand there goes my day.

    Thank you. Following these links and sussing out which ones resonate with me is fueling my desire to do my own blogging, and is time well spent.
    Tami recently posted..Priest Questing

    • marya

      How did you go Tami? Do let me know if you found any winners ..:) Thank you for your comment, and have a wonderful new year. Marya

      • Looks like I picked up:
        > A Personal Development Course For Life (Actually, I don’t see this in your list by this name, but I’m pretty sure I picked it up the same day, so it’s yours by default)
        > Blog Tweaks
        > For Bloggers By Bloggers
        > Momentum Gathering
        > The 100% You
        > Writing Happiness

        Some of them are in my “probation” folder – we’ll see how the next few weeks of posts go, as to whether they scratch my particular itch, but I didn’t realize I’d been neglecting my personal motivation when choosing blogs to follow. I’m trying to achieve a good balance of interesting things from all parts of my life without drenching myself in incoming data (alas, Cute Overload and I Can Haz Cheezburger just post too often).

        Your post came at the perfect time. Thank you!
        Tami recently posted..Brainstorming Through MindMapping

        • marya

          Hey Tami, good to see you again. :) I am glad you found some you like – I am rather partial to Writing Happiness myself heheh. And good resolution too, it’s always nice to satisfy your cravings from different sources. Let me know how you guys get along. Thanks for dropping by.


  10. A lot of great bloggers on here Marya…flattered to be included.
    Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing recently posted..Best Articles for Writers 2011

    • marya

      Carol, I have been following you since 2010 and so glad I found you when I did. Your advice is truly phenonemal and worthy listening to. Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful 2012. :) Marya

  11. Hey Marya, thank you so much for including me in this list. It means a lot to know that I actually inspire someone :)
    The list is very similar to mine, which means that we share the taste in bloggers. I am grateful for this and wish you a lot of blogging success in 2012. and hope your wishes come true :)
    Brankica recently posted..The Who And The What Of My Blogging Success in 2011.

    • marya

      Thanks Brankica. All of the bloggers I have chosen have very high standards of work and they care tremendously about their communities. They all hold their readers’ interests above anything else. I think that’s why we gel with some people more than others. Thank you so much for dropping by, it means a lot. Have a fantastic new year you too. :)

  12. Marya
    This is one labour of love, one huge labour of love.

    Lots of fabulous names in there and I’m not going to single out any… well perhaps a few.

    Love anything that Danny B does – he has great style and tells it like it is.

    Anna Hoffman – each of her posts are ram jam full of info, which can be used.

    Marcus – what can I say about Marcus, that he wouldn’t sue me for. LOL

    That’s my big 3 and the rest, I’ll have to start reading.
    Keith Davis recently posted..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    • marya

      Hello Keith, your comment has touched my heart – it turly has. Thanks so much for saying that. Glad to have we have some many much loved bloggers in common. Do see if we can take the number over 3! :) Marya

    • Danny Brown

      Thanks Keith, you’re cheque is in the mail, mate. ;)
      Danny Brown recently posted..12 Bloggers You Really Should Read in 2012

  13. Hi Mayra,

    As I mentioned in my e-mail, I’m very flattered to be on this list. Thank you for including me with so many awesome bloggers and writers.

    I look forward to keeping in touch more during 2012. Best of luck to you!

    Joseph Putnam recently posted..Is Blogging More About Writing Well or Communicating Well?

    • marya

      Joseph, thank you for dropping by. What I love about your blog is that you ‘communicate’ more than you ‘write’ and I know you will take it as a compliment that’s why I am saying it. Your writing is clear, concise and simple – always brilliant, and that’s why I love it. Here is too keeping in touch during 2012 … :)

  14. Hi Marya,

    Thanks so much for including Writing Forward here. I often wonder who is lurking on my blog and am always delighted to learn more about quiet readers :)

    Thanks again. This is a wonderful list.

    Melissa Donovan recently posted..Living the Creative Writing Lifestyle

    • marya

      Melissa, I love your straightforward, no- nonsense writing style. (perhaps because you are a copywriter?). Having a business writing background myself, writing that is clear, simple and concise always appeals to me tremendously. Plus, I can never go past your grammar tips. Always very handy. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  15. Marya – This is an awesome list of bloggers, and no doubt they inspire each one of us. Thanks for coming up with this and making this list easy for us follow.

    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..The Naked Truth About Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    • marya

      Thank YOU Praveen. What will I do without your support? :) Have a fantastic new year. See you in 2012 …

  16. I’m honoured to be on the list Marya – thank you so much! We should both enjoy continued growth and success in 2012!!
    Ruth – The Freelance Writing Blog recently posted..What’s Sunshine Got to do With Content Marketing Strategy?

    • marya

      Hear hear! :) And here is to becoming friends in 2012 ..


  17. Wow – guess I’m “in the loop” – I recognize virtually all of these writers! And I’ve met or seen seven in person. :D Glad to be an inspiration. Great stuff here.

    • marya

      Thanks Martyn. Glad to be the one responsible for your ‘discovery’. :) Have a great new year and see you in 2012. Marya

  18. I have to say your list is one of the best and complete in my research. Yes, the popular blogs that make sense too! I hope to be one of those bloggers one day. Thanks for keeping us all posted. Happy New 2012!
    Jackie Paulson recently posted..Starting A Blog in 2012? Avoid These 7 New Blogger Blunders

    • marya

      Thanks Jackie. Your link – that’s my post on Stepcase Lifehack right? Are you sharing it on your blog?

  19. if it is there that means that I am on SCOOPIT…
    do you know what that is? It shares what we like and you would love it…I love to share…It gives credit to you not me…its a reblog… :) Jackie
    Jackie Paulson recently posted..5 ways to simplify your New Year Resolutions

  20. Damn, but this is one heck of a list, and a really great collection of resources for anyone looking to succeed in that funky world called blogging. :)

    Thank you so much for the kind words, Marya, sincerely – the FBBB project is very much a team effort, and would be nothing (probably wouldn’t even exist) without all the core authors and contributors.

    To those people (and you, for your always awesome contributions), I say thank you, it’s my privilege to write alongside you.

    Bookmarking this for reference!
    Danny Brown recently posted..Social Media Shitdiots and Hijacking the Toronto Police #RIDE Hashtag on Twitter

    • marya

      Danny it is an honour to have you over. I can never forget our first email exchange. I had no idea what a ‘high profile’ blogger you are and pitched a guest post for FBBB. It took a few weeks but you got back to me with the most amazing personal message and gave me the happy news that you would like to have a look at my work. (Thanks Judy, it was because of her I came to know about FBBB). Anyway, I still have that email with me (i like to think of that as my first big break) and I have no qualms whatsoever about telling anyone who would listen – what a gem of a person Danny Brown is.

      Thank you. Hoping to do more work for FBBB 2012. Have a great day – rather a great brand new year. Cheers :)


  21. Marya, let me just say I’m honored to be here and this post is as good a guide to ‘great bloggers’ as I’ve seen. Seriously, this is really, really good, and you’ve impressed the heck out of me with this list.

    Oh, and you deserve a hat-tip as well for working so very hard to get your name out there in 2011. You’re making it happen lady!!

    Best to you in 2012 Marya,

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion recently posted..20 Life-Changing Habits That Will Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever

    • marya

      Marcus, visits from Danny and you in one day – what a fantastic start to 2012. :) (And thank you for liking my fb page too – feeling all warm and fuzzy inside)

      Danny literally gave me my first break which translated for me as ‘Yes, I have it in me, I can do it’. Through him, I discovered your blog, just when I was getting feeling very disallusioned. Maybe he sensed that? I am so happy to discover a community of bloggers who are so high on ethics as it is so clearly dipicted from your work. There is no hype, just honest hard work and smarts all around. I am glad to be connected through FBBB.

      Thanks so much for your generous spirit and your kind words. This thread is becoming something worth hanging on to ..

      Happy new year Marcus to you and your lovely family. Cheers


  22. Hi Marya,

    It was great to meet you too and thanks so much for including me here!

    x Annabel
    Annabel Candy, Successful Blogging recently posted..Best of Successful Blogging 2011

    • marya

      It is my pleasure Annabel. I love reading your blog. All the best in 2012. :)


  23. I appreciate the kind words Marya. Have an awesome and inspiring 2012!
    Stan @ PushingSocial recently posted..Blogging Posts To Read Before You Pop the Bubbly…

    • marya

      Thanks Stan. I picked those bloggers whose work philosphy and ethics resonate with me personally. There are many people who are highly successful but doing things I wouldn’t do necessarily. I am happy to follow your lead though. Many thanks for dropping by. All the best for 2012 ..


  24. Looking forward to checking some of these out!
    Prof. Torg recently posted..Write Meg! Another Take On Reading, Writing, Loving, and Eating

    • marya

      Thank you Prof. Torg. Happy to have you on board. :)


  25. Thanks so much for the mention.

    Love your design. Very minimal and sleek.

    Blog Tyrant recently posted..13 Vital Blogging Tasks for When You Can’t Be Bothered Writing

    • marya

      Wow .. didn’t see that one coming. :) But good to know as you do wonder sometimes .. All the best in 2012, mate. I will continue to read as long as you continue to write.


  26. Marya,
    First off – it’s great to meet you!!

    And – what a great list – some new people to me that are definitely worth checking out further (plus your wonderful site!)!!
    Lance recently posted..Focus and Succeed

    • marya

      Aww, thanks for your glorious words, just makes me want to smile all day long. So happy I was able to help spread the word. Keep in touch ok Lance? :)


  27. Well these bloggers not only inspire you but are the role models for us too
    ibloggerpk recently posted..How to Improve your Blogging in 2012

    • marya

      Yes, I agree but it worth mentioning why they do so. Plus, there are new bloggers to the scene who are not aware of them. I know it took me a while to find them out so I reckon it helps newbies out as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  28. Thank you so much for including me in such great company, Marya! Always a pleasure to see you around TGC…
    Ana Hoffman recently posted..TweetAdder: How to Get More Followers on Twitter Fast

    • marya

      Hey Ana! :) Phew, feeling much better now. It’s funny, your comments shouldn’t go to spam as you have left a few before and I only approve a comment once. I am thinking maybe you are using different details? Anyway, sure glad I spotted yours.

      You have every right to be in my list, I always – let me say again, always – learn something from you. And you write in such a clear, user friendly manner. What’s not to love? Thanks for coming over again.


  29. Maybe its because I am not an english native speaking person or it’s the writing style or that I have not have the basics under my belt on what they are talking about but most of those blogs I find going over my head or to heavy to read.

    If you want a bad comment about Problogger, to many guest posts (but nevertheless interesting to read). The voice of Darren is seldon heard nowadays. ;-)
    Johan recently posted..How to set up an improvement plan

    • marya

      Hi Johan, your English is perfectly fine – better than most really. Maybe it is the not medium but the content itself? If so, start educating yourself about the basics if you are interested in a particular topic so you can follow and contribute on a level you are happy with.

      Not sure what you mean by your last bit. Where would I see bad comments about problogger? Yes, I agree they rely on guest posts because they are a huge ‘resource’ site but is there anything wrong about that? Darren does post and when he does, people pay attention.

      Thanks for your comment. Drop by again? :)

  30. Hi Marya,

    My comment about Problogger was tongue in cheek. Your 34 bloggers got so much praise that I jokingly wanted to add some negative to counter balance, that is why I added the ;-) smiley at the end of that remark.

    Will drop by again because your blog made it to my short list of five best writting blogs on the web. See you around!
    Johan recently posted..How to set up an improvement plan

    • marya

      duh! (smacking head). Guess I need to put more attention to the smilies eh?

      WOW .. that’s to your final sentence. Your comment made it to my short list of five best comments this week. :) Keep in touch? definitely. Have a great day, you definitely made mine! :)

  31. WOW a great list of blog owners and authors. Hmmm I do hope my name will be included in that list of yours.

    They do really inspire readers in their business or day to day life.
    leo lito @Palm Springs senior home care recently posted..The Elder Caring Difference

    • marya

      Thanks Leo. Happy to have you on board. Cheers


  32. Hi Marya,
    Wow, what a list of some of my favorite bloggers and some I haven’t heard of before.

    Inspiration is so important to bring out the best in each of us. When I am not inspired I have trouble being creative.

    take care…
    Justin Mazza recently posted..Peter G James Sinclair Self Development Mastermind Course

    • marya

      Hi Justin. I totally agree, I find it incredibly hard to write or proceed with anything really if I am not feeling some inspiration. I make it a point to surround myself with people who do just that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope you find some people worth following here Justin. Cheers


  33. [...] last post ‘Why these 34 Bloggers Inspired Me in 2011’ received a fantastic response. Many bloggers named in the list not only dropped by to leave a [...]

  34. I picked the one’s those are helpful and new to me and I will use them in future. Thank u so much.
    Cheng recently posted..Crohn\’s Diet

    • marya

      Glad to help Cheng. Thank you.

  35. Ooh I follow some of these blogs and I agree, they’re great! I’m glad I saw this post of yours though because I have been looking for some new reading outside my fishbowl – so I’ll definitely be checking some of them out – thanks!
    Jennifer Bourn recently posted..4 Things You Must Know When Creating Your Irresistible Free Offer

    • marya

      Hope you find some great ones to follow Jennifer. Thanks for your comment, appreciate it! :)


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