Attract Your Dream Clients & Customers in Bucket-loads


Do you want to attract the best clients and customers to your business?

Of course, you do.

You are passionate about helping people and you are great at what you do. And, you want to make a difference in the lives of many people and really make an impact with what you have to offer.

So what’s the problem?

It could be that you are new to online marketing or your business is very new. You want to reach your ideal buyers but you just don’t know how.

This is where I come in.

I can help you create a website that attracts your people – your ideal customers.

I will teach you

  • how to publish content that have people thinking about you and your products.
  • how to write emails that get clicked, opened and read.
  • how to create perfect opt-in offers and landing pages.
  • how to create irresistible offers – products that practically sell themselves.

I will teach you how to turn your blog into the best marketing tool for your small business.



You are

A service professional who lives and breathes to help others: A coach, consultant, trainer, therapist, designer, artist or writer ..

Also a mum taking care of small children full time, you hold a side job or are stuck in a soul sucking full-time job you are itching to get out of.

Someone who enjoys creating content with the view of helping people and rather not wait for years to work with your first set of clients, or fill your coaching practice.

Based in the US or Canada and would love some after-hours consulting? (Fellow Aussies are most welcome, too.)

You are in the right place!


I am

Just like you.

I am also a Mum with two small children who built my profitable business over the last few years, initially working part-time hours but eventually going full time.

I also have a MBA- Marketing (among other qualifications) and 10 year experience of working in marketing as well as academia. I have worked with hundreds of clients and also sell my online program currently not open for enrollment.

I want to help you build your business without your having to make the same mistakes I did (and many others do) and shave years off your learning curve.


Imagine Attracting your dream clients and best customers on your website and

Remaining true to yourself and showcasing the real you.

Becoming the go-to expert in your field.

Getting yourself in front of other people’s audiences.

Not having to wait for years to demand your services worth.

Positioning yourself as the perfect answer to people’s needs and problems.

Not having to chase after clients.

Have clients choose you over your competitors.

I help you three ways. Choose one that suits you – today.


Clarity Session

This is for you if you are about to start a coaching, consulting or training business.

  • You have an idea but not sure if it will work.
  • You have a few ideas and not sure which one to pick.
  • You have trouble figuring out your ideal client or customer.
  • You have just launched your services and things aren’t selling.
  • You are not sure whether to work with people on one-on-one or create an ecourse.
  • You are feeling low and want to talk to someone who has done it.

You are stuck and unable to move forward. I will help you determine what’s blocking you.
We will clarify your next goal and what’s a priority for you.
I will help you come up with a plan with steps that you need to implement next to get from point A to B and acheive your goal.
90 Minute session $299 USD


Nail Your Next Goal Package

This is for you if need to work on one area in your business. You need to sort one big issue that is holding you back.

  • You want to give your website a makeover.
  • You want to create a content strategy for your blog.
  • You want to build your email list.
  • You want to master guest blogging for business.
  • You want to package and position your offerings.
  • You want to write an ebook.
  • You want to write a sales page.
  • You want to send an email offer and book your first set of clients or double them.

What you get:

An in-depth pre-session questionnaire to make sure that we stay focused.
4 one-hour sessions. We meet for 1 hour, as required, over phone or Skype (audio) times four (Use within 120 days).
You receive action steps and recommendations after each session to reach your goal ASAP.
Done for you resources, worksheets and checklists.
Email support for accountability and to keep on track.
4 one-hour sessions – $799 investment


Book Your Dream Clients VIP Package

This is for service based professionals – you are a coach, consultant, trainer, writer, artist, designer, developer etc.

  • You have a job and you are starting your business on the side, or you have been business for at least six months.
  • You have a website and hire me page set up.
  • You have worked with a few clients (unpaid work counts).

This is what we will work on:
Identify your dream clients so well that you can picture them sitting across you.
Start building a personal brand and position yourself as an expert online.
Hone your message – show who you are.
Offer an irresistible opt-in offer.
Publish content that attracts your ideal audience.
Get in front of others via guest posting and social media.
Fine tune your packages and services.
Nail your pricing.
Make unbeatable offers.
Create sales pages only you would write – and that convert well.
Fill your coaching practice.

This is a six month commitment.
You get 2 hours of one-on-one consulting per month via Skype (audio) + your critique PDF – with strategic planning, review and next steps.
Co-created to-do lists for accountability and overwhelm reduction.
Assignments between sessions.
Done for your templates and worksheets
Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable, focused and on-task.
Unlimited Email support
Free access to my online workshops for that six-month period
Lifetime access to my online program

First month: 90 Minute discovery session – figure out your personalized action plan/road-map + consulting hours
Second month: Website review + consulting hours
Third month: Critique of one content landing page such as About/Squeeze page + consulting hours
Fourth month: Critique of two pieces of content + consulting hours
Fifth month: Critique of your email offer and sequence + consulting hours
Last month: Critique of your sales page + consulting hours
Added Bonus: Feature of your success story on my blog whenever you are ready.

6 months commitment. $4000 or $699 per month (sorry you can’t transform your business in 6 weeks.)
This is not an online program. This is one-on-one coaching focused on you to help you get results.
2 hourly sessions via Skype (audio) + personalized report each month.
This is a serious investment. There is no buy now button. Shoot me an email and we can have a twenty minute chat to see if this is a good fit for you.
I will only take a handful of clients at a time to make sure you get the best service. I am totally invested in your success and want to make sure you achieve results in your business.


How to Book

(Currently I am booked till end of June 2014.)

The coaching spots are limited so you have to email me at marya.writinghappiness at gmail dot com. If I have availability, I will send either send you an invoice or organize a free 20-min session to see if we are a good fit.

So, what are you waiting for? Shoot me an email.


Nice Things Happy Clients are Saying

Check out my Client Stories for more raves and testimonials!


Shannon Brandao – Tutor and coach.

1At this point, I really love working with you. I can develop things at my pace without any pressure. But you still keep me on track and from wasting time, which I don’t have, and from pursuing ideas that my business can’t support yet or making too many mistakes in targeting my ideal customer.

The coaching gave me the courage to quit my awful law practice job sooner rather than later so I could free-up time and energy to focus on developing something more meaningful, like my own business.

You are kind and encouraging, yet not afraid to be honest and frank with advice or instructions. I really appreciate what you’ve created (the coaching and internet course) and I hope to one day emulate what you’ve done in my own business.


Saiisha – Mediation Coach.

salisha1My biggest problem was actually figuring out my product, and how to offer it.You are conversational, easy to work with, give lots of details and examples. I created a brand new website, implemented (and still implementing…) every single one of your recommendations, and I put my picture up :) (Introvert speaking). I haven’t gone live with my site yet, however I do know that I have a much clearer direction and purpose for my new business.

I would recommend you to others – YES. You were not limited to just what your coaching package says, but met me where I was. That was a huge plus!

When I want to take another session, I’ll come back to you :)


Leigh Shulman, Writing Coach, The Future is Red


I found our session to be extremely helpful. We covered a huge amount of information in a relatively short about of time. It was a lot to process all at once, but the way you laid everything out and explained made it easy for me to take notes to which I can later.

Most importantly, you began with the most important issues impacting my business which allows me to know where to place my energies first. I’ve already found our chat has helped me shape my business for the better.

You also helped me realize that I don’t have to rush into setting up my plan and new website, and instead should take my time, lay out my plan and then implement. Best of all, you gave me a framework and ideas that will help me create that plan. Until now, I’ve been overwhelmed with all my options and didn’t know where to start. Now I know where to start.


Maria Delaney, Journalist/freelancer, Wise Women Club


Our session was extremely helpful in a number of ways. First, it was a real confidence booster – to have a successful professional remind me that everyone (even the most successful people) always faces competition and challenges, and that these challenges have an enormous potential for growth, helped me become more proactive in my approach. Second – perhaps, the most important thing for me – I was able to organize my thoughts and form a fairly clear plan of my actions for the next few months. Finally, it was hugely inspiring – I feel like my mind is being flooded with all sorts of ideas (old ones being refreshed and new ones appearing in the light of our discussion).

My biggest issue was that I didn’t have a clear direction in my actions. I had a vague idea of what I want to do, but because it was too general and too undefined, I wasn’t able to move forward. Now that I am shaping my goals and making them more precise, I can actually create a step-by-step plan to achieve each one of them.


Karen Main, Life Coach.


My biggest problem was getting clear on who my ideal client is. I was struggling to be specific and you helped me get there. I found all you information very helpful, useful and relevant to me. I have a list of Homework now.

I would recommend this service to someone who is also in the first year of business and blogging and who is struggling to find their way in the online jungle.

Thank you again Marya for your generosity in sharing your online knowledge and wisdom and for giving it to me honestly. I now now where to direct my energies and feel more ready for my business to take the next step.


Candice Cannel, Writer. /


I really appreciate your style and insight. I got so much from working with you in our session.  I can’t believe I missed something as obvious as defining who my target customer is! HUGE takeaway was defining my ideal customer. I truly feel like this was the missing link in my plan.

I would absolutely recommend this service to others. You have a successful business and writing style and I firmly believe others can benefit from your experience and insight- especially when they are first starting out. Don’t change a thing!

Thank you again for our session! It was so eye-opening. So I truly appreciate your insight, wisdom and advice. I am sure this will make all the difference in my business. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


Caroline Kirk – Writer. 

Caroline1Marya, Thank you very much for all you have done for my blog, which has lain redundant for so long until your professional touch. And for what you have done for me!!!

Your style of coaching service has been invaluable to my writing, to getting the business started and in moving it forward in the right direction.  You know your stuff!

Just as importantly, you have inspired me and given me the confidence to finally complete a long held dream.  I love your site; it’s fantastic to get your emails in my inbox as a constant reminder of what I ought to be doing to continue on this roll. Thank You!


Juan Villarreal – Fitness Trainer. IgnitetheFat 

Working with Marya is a must for anyone who takes their online business seriously. She is not only very professional, but has a great eye when it comes to improving a website/blog.

After our very first session, I walked away with a dozen ideas and action steps to take my blog to the next level. I look forward to working with Marya again.


Jane Sarchet – Foodie.The HedgeCombers

janie1Having Marya in the background, and feeling accountable to her, has meant my productivity has escalated. My ‘to do’ list has always been full, but when working on my own, I don’t necessarily direct my energy in the most beneficial direction.

Having her look at the bare bones of my blog/business, and talk me through which avenues will have the most impact on visitor numbers and my bottom line has been invaluable.


Amanda Bilson -Artist.

amanda1I would just like to say a very big thank you for helping me with my blog.  You not only explained your first impressions, you highlighted what was important and what I should be concentrating on.  You also gave me great advice re direction and the way forward.  I know it will take effort on my part too but at least I now know what to work on.

I would certainly recommend you to any artist or anyone who is struggling in getting their business off the ground. You know your stuff.


Irina Baranov, Life Coach


Thanks so much for all your feedback and advice, Marya. Wonderful!!! I’m so appreciative. Now I am working to actually implement it. I think I’m going to have to invest some more $ in making the website stuff happen, but ok, I’ll do it.

I agree with you about my point of differentiation and ideal customer profile. I’ll keep thinking about how to project that on my website – probably more through design and topics than actual words that say “here’s who I want to work with” I also have close to zero tech ability, but it’s glad to know I can still do this. I also need to hire someone to do my website and help me with video.

Thanks so much, Marya. Yes, I agree with everything you’re saying. Very wise and helpful. I’ll keep plugging away.


Jan Small. Relationship Coach


The accountability factor is a big thing for me. For example, I would have definitely not worked so hard last weekend without the homework you set and I coasted a bit during the week because I had no homework. (Not sure what that’s about because one of the reasons I wanted to work from home was to have more freedom!)

I’m really enjoying working on my business now and adding the actions from your coaching. I’m very excited about pitching big blogs too and offering content that will blow their socks off.

Thank you so much for your feedback and help. My guest post got published on Dumb Little Man today. It more than doubled my subscribers from that one post and that is from your help :) I’m doing a happy dance here.