Client Attraction Quiz

Is Your Website Attracting the Best Clients (& Customers) to Your Business?


guest posts newAre you using your website as the best marketing tool for your small business?

Is your blog bringing you dream clients and customers to your website without you having to chase them?

Are you building your list the right way?

Take this 20 question quiz and find out now. This will only take 3-4 minutes and it is loads of fun! :)


You will see three options for each question.

Each correct answer will get you 2 points, a less than perfect answer scores 1 point and the incorrect one gets you no points.

Once you are finished, you will see the results straightaway.

Important: As you go clicking, you will see the next question load up instantly.

You can’t change your answers so click only when you are sure. If you want to start over, simply refresh the page!


With Darren Rowse, Problogger

This is how I describe myself: (This not part of the quiz)

1. If I want to run a small business, I must have something to sell on my blog/website.

2. I really know what my ideal client or customer looks like.

3. People can tell what makes me different from others.

4. My opt-in offer looks something like this (if you are working on something, keep that in mind):

5. It's best to start off my About page with ..

6. My blog will attract the best clients and customers for me without me having to chase them.

7. I need to become a popular blogger to be successful in business.

8. This should go on my blog's sidebar:

9. I have got some social proof on my blog.

10. The number one purpose of my blog is to:

11. Most of my clients and customers will come from:

12. I need to spend most of my time creating content for my blog.

13. I need to be a very good writer to write a successful blog.

14. I need to publish purpose driven content that:

15. I need to publish my best content on my own blog.

16. I understand the basics of copywriting.

17. Guest blogging can bring me new clients and customers.

18. I need to wait till I have a big list before I can sell something.

19. Once I have a big list, I can relax. Big list equals big profits.

20. I need to attract tons of traffic to my site.