What’s it Like Working With Me?


“The coaching gave me the courage to quit my awful law practice job to focus on something meaningful – like my business.”

1I’m winding down my bankruptcy law work to teach American academic skills to high school, college and graduate students and to write. I currently have about 5 or 6 private students and will start a new part-time position as I develop my private student business.

Before I took your course, I was thinking that I just needed someone to show me the way to develop my business into something that might one day offer the lifestyle that I want: teaching, writing, and location independent. I couldn’t find anyone that would do that until I came across one of your blog posts. I didn’t really have any reservations at that point – I was in a dead-end job, miserable and somewhat desperate.

At this point, I really love working with you. I can develop things at my pace without any pressure. But you still keep me on track and from wasting time, which I don’t have, and from pursuing ideas that my business can’t support yet or making too many mistakes in targeting my ideal customer.

The coaching gave me the courage to quit my awful law practice job sooner rather than later so I could free-up time and energy to focus on developing something more meaningful, like my own business. I’ve begun your “Sell More With Blogging” course and plan to complete that in the upcoming weeks.

I’m still working through clarity of purpose and business goals. But I have set aside time every week to work through the Sell More With Blogging course.

My biggest problem was figuring out all the steps to take to get my business started. I now know the steps, I just have to do a ton of work to execute them!  I would recommend this service to others but only if they’re capable of working independently and meeting goals.

That you are kind and encouraging, yet not afraid to be honest and frank with advice or instructions. I really appreciate what you’ve created (the coaching and internet course) and I hope to one day emulate what you’ve done in my own business.

Shannon Brandao – Tutor and coach. Shannontutors.com


“My opt-in rate for my bribe is about 70% at the moment, which I’m just thrilled with.”

k1I’m a former journalist who now coaches businesses in public relations and social media. I’ve also done some corporate blogging and have been commissioned to write the biographical novel of one of Tasmania’s most prominent businessmen, due for release early next year. I’m planning to release an online program in October teaching businesses how to do their own PR.

My biggest problem before the course was not having a proper content plan. I second guessed myself all the time and often just ended up posting nothing. I feel more confident in what I’m doing now and the content that I have mapped out for the coming months to have the biggest impact. It’s nice to see a content calendar in front of me that has more logic to it. It’s also allowed me to focus more on guest posts that are going to yield the best results. If I’m going to give my best content away, then I need to make sure it’s worthwhile.

The course is very practical and easy to follow. It has a great balance of the “how to do it” and actual handouts that help you easily achieve what you’re advocating.

The best thing about the course? The handouts! I think it’s easy to read through a whole heap of “how to” information, but having something that keeps you accountable (it’s never nice to see a blank handout staring back at you!) is important in putting what you learn into action.

My opt-in rate for my bribe is about 70% at the moment, which I’m just thrilled with. I think honing in on that customer avatar has been so important and starting to have some guest posts happening. That third-party endorsement (ie being featured on someone else’s site) is just so powerful.

I’d certainly recommend it to others. Thanks so much for putting it together, Marya. It’s been fantastic! Well done. :)

Kellie O’Brien, Kellie O’Brien Media 


“The content opened up a whole new world of things to consider and work on. I love having the worksheets.”

sue1I mentor women, speak at inspirational women’s events, and have written a book and several short stories. I’m also a trained coach.

Before I bought your program,  I assumed my new blog would be like most of my other work—an expensive hobby. But, most of all, I wanted it to be successful (worth the time) and I wasn’t sure how to begin and make plans.

My view of successful at that point was “impacting some people in a positive way.” The timing of the course was perfect. And, honestly, the price seemed worth taking the risk. If it had been more, I probably wouldn’t have considered taking it. And when you threw in the coaching session, I was tickled pink. :)

The content was clear, logical, practical, and thorough. And it opened up a whole new world of things to consider and work on. I love having the work sheets.

Since then, I have added a tagline, mini author bio on sidebar, created two ideal reader profiles, currently designing freebie offer, having a logo/header designed. And I did a final post on my previous blog and invited only my current subscribers to visit my new blog. I received some great feedback from them. I’m confident that continuing to apply the things in your course will yield positive results.

You’ve been responsive to my emails and I feel like (even though I’m behind) you’ll still be available as I continue through the last half of the course. Really everything was great. My schedule was a little too full to keep up but I didn’t stress out about that too much because we can work at our own pace. And I was thrilled with what I was getting. If I had felt I was right on schedule, I would have been more likely to interact with you a little more along the way. I am hoping for some feedback on the blog when I’m close to the ribbon cutting. :)

I have already recommended you to others! Several of my friends would benefit from it and seem interested. You provided everything you said you were going to. And the content is thorough, insightful, and doable. You’ve given me the tools I need to fulfill my goal.

Thank you for working hard to produce a quality course. I love it!

Sue Ferguson, Coach


“When I want to take another session, I’ll come back to you.”

salisha1I knew I wanted to start an online business geared towards teaching what I want to learn and grow for the rest of my life, but I didn’t know how exactly to package it and offer it as a product. I wasn’t sure you were the right fit for me, but when I interacted with you, I became confident that you’d be able to help me with developing my product, I decided to go with you!

My biggest problem was actually figuring out my product, and how to offer it.You are conversational, easy to work with, give lots of details and examples. I created a brand new website, implemented (and still implementing…) every single one of your recommendations, and I put my picture up :) (Introvert speaking). I haven’t gone live with my site yet, however I do know that I have a much clearer direction and purpose for my new business.

I would recommend you to others – YES. You were not limited to just what your coaching package says, but met me where I was. That was a huge plus!

When I want to take another session, I’ll come back to you :)

Saiisha – Mediation Coach. NestInTheForest.com


“I think you’ve done an outstanding job.”

peggy1I am a writer, therefore I share and sell books  But I also have a passion to help others succeed at whatever their passion is. I’d like my blog to encourage others to pursue their individual passions and dreams and not give up!

Before taking this course, my biggest problem was not knowing how to build a sustainable and solid core group of followers / readers.   Now I’ve launched my new and improved blog based on what you’ve been teaching.

I am thoroughly enjoying this course and very impressed with all of the well-thought-out lessons and worksheets (I am a also training coordinator and write training materials for my J.O.B. As such, I have a great appreciation for others who do similar work!).

I like the samples and examples, in addition to your suggestions (to help open my mind to the possibilities). I like being held accountable.  I like the Module idea with a specific goal for each one.  I like the progression over the space of a few weeks rather than getting everything all at once (easier to digest bite-sized portions).

I absolutely recommend this to others. I think you’ve done an outstanding job and it is clear you’ve put a great deal of time and thought into building the training materials.  It is also very obvious that this is a passion of yours…and one you have been working on for quite some time.

Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise. I also like your very positive and supportive ‘attitude’.  It shines through every word of encouragement! GREAT course and thank you for doing this. I am excited!

Peggy Lea Baker. Author, Artist, Entrepreneur. Smashwords.com  


“I would definitely recommend you to others.”

reb1I thought the material provided was really good.

Since working with you, I have revised my tag line, added author bio, re-did about page, created reader profile but need to think about this more, reduced elements from side bar, still thinking about freebie offer – not sure what a shop should be offering… need to work on guest blogging still. My site definitely looks better and is now clear it is a shop!

Nothing I didn’t ‘like’ but would like a forum/fb group to be able to connect with others on the course. For me, your mini-blog critique is a critical part of the course as I wouldn’t have make so many changes without it.

I would definitely recommend you to others. You are friendly, encouraging and supportive. Thanks.

Rebecca Ward, Lingerie Pattern Technologist. Knit1tea1.com


“I really needed direction on how to start the whole idea of online business and the course was very helpful for me to learn it.”

lalanthi1I am about helping and educating people (adults and children) to live a healthy life and continue healthy living and enjoy everyday life through my ebooks, coaching and weight loss program.

Before enrolling your e-course, I was looking for an affordable course. So I wanted to enrol without any reservations. The course advertisement was very appealing.

All the materials provided were very presented in a clear organised manner. Only thing I wanted to tell about is week 4 and 5 were quite heavy. I would personally like the course to be for duration of 10 weeks rather than 6 weeks course.

So far I have changed the tag line and made it more readable, redid the about page, fixed the sidebar, created a ideal reader profile, pitched blogs for guest posting, left more comments on blogs, became very active on social media and created a freebie e-book just to name a few.

Since then I have more twitter followers, clear understanding of future blog posts and already have a list of ideas. Look and feel of the site is professional.

I really needed direction on how to start the whole idea of online business and the course was very helpful for me to learn it. I learned a lot and already implemented quite a lot. The whole course was really good. If the course could be spread out with the weekly contents to a manageable proposition it would be great.

Lalanthi Lawrence, Health Coach


“I also have close to zero tech ability, but it’s glad to know I can still do this.”

irina1I’m a certified life coach, technophobe, but passionate about helping people design lives of meaning and happiness

Thanks so much for all your feedback and advice, Marya. Wonderful!!! I’m so appreciative. Now I am working to actually implement it. I think I’m going to have to invest some more $ in making the website stuff happen, but ok, I’ll do it.

I agree with you about my point of differentiation and ideal customer profile. I’ll keep thinking about how to project that on my website – probably more through design and topics than actual words that say “here’s who I want to work with” I’m using the Google keyword search to see what exactly people are looking for online – what problems they’re seeking answers/solutions to. That has been truly compelling and helpful.

I totally agree about the importance of the freebie. I’ve been wracking my brain for months about this! And yes, you’re right – I can get it done!. I’d love to do something different/original. I also have close to zero tech ability, but it’s glad to know I can still do this. I also need to hire someone to do my website and help me with video.

Thanks so much, Marya. Yes, I agree with everything you’re saying. Very wise and helpful. I’ll keep plugging away.

Irina Baranov, Life Coach


“My guest post got published today. It more than doubled my subscribers from that one post and that is from your help :) I’m doing a happy dance here.”

jan1I am a certified life coach and use the things I learned on my course a lot in my writing etc but I haven’t been providing coaching lately on a 1-2-1 basis – I found I preferred writing and marketing when I started marketing my coaching business :)

The accountability factor is a big thing for me. For example, I would have definitely not worked so hard last weekend without the homework you set and I coasted a bit during the week because I had no homework. (Not sure what that’s about because one of the reasons I wanted to work from home was to have more freedom!)

I’m really enjoying working on my business now and adding the actions from your coaching. I’m very excited about pitching big blogs too and offering content that will blow their socks off. I updated my About page yesterday and tried to convey my point of difference in that with a promise statement, added the social media links and sign up form.

I have now published one book in this niche so far and I’m not pushing it very much at the moment because my focus is on building up traffic but I expect to have a handful by the end of the year on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. I am also creating a relationship coaching product sold from my site.

Thank you so much for your feedback and help. My guest post got published on Dumb Little Man today. It more than doubled my subscribers from that one post and that is from your help :) I’m doing a happy dance here.

I’m will be sharing all my progress with you.


“Your course is well designed, easy to follow, clear and blah-blah-free.”

maria1First of all,  please let me to say how wonderful your course is. It is well designed, easy to follow, clear and blah-blah-free. The structure is very logical and readable. It took me 7 months of procrastination and two weeks of following your lessons to start a project – a niche blog. It scared me to death just to start. But now it’s working, and people like it.

I also admire you being so modest – you haven’t tried to ‘sell yourself’ to your students – you sold us an information about how to do stuff instead.

Thank you very much for your work.

Maria Skatova – Language Coach


“I am thrilled to be part of your coaching. I appreciate your critique.”

robyn1I have a bachelor of journalism and while I was in my fourth year I started a blog “to see what the fuss was about.” From there I went travelling and kept my blog up as a way to document my adventures and stay in touch with friends and family.

With my themed blogging I picked up a LOT of freelance work. This is on top of my full-time writer’s gig for a non-profit (where I’m a staff writer so do all types of writing). Obviously it has become too much. I am now looking to get out of that 9 to 5 thing.

I am thrilled to be part of your coaching. I appreciate your critique. You’ve said all the things I’ve been thinking for months/years and I have no problem making those changes.

So here is what I’ve implemented from your  critique: Wrote and posted new About Me content, reworked sidebar so it is clean and straightforward, changed order of elements, posted a blog with my new focus and started an account with Mail Chimp to begin collecting email addresses when people sign up.

Working on the signup incentive now!

Robyn Roste, Freelance Writer


“Thank you for your positive approach to teaching/learning and willingness to share so much with each of us.”

susan1Marya, Quickly want to say thank you, once again, for your training course! I am excited and working on the lessons – although slowly due to some other pressing projects that were already in progress – in particular my current novel (which is nearing completion…finally!). In the meantime, I’ve organized a binder with each module’s lessons, workbooks, checklists, and resources, and I am very eager to complete each one.

This course is important to me because need to develop a solid core of eager readers to sell my ebooks.

Thank you for your positive approach to teaching/learning and willingness to share so much with each of us. It is refreshing, energizing, and has infused me with great enthusiasm and anticipation.

Susan Minarik – Writer


“I really like the way you come across as a real person.”

Hi Marya

I really like your emails, and the way you come across as a real person.

Just so you know… it was one of your last emails about the course. I liked what you said and how you talked about yourself and your work so much that I was going to email you to say why I wasn’t buying it this time (too much going on) but that I really enjoy your stuff and would definitely get something sometime. And then I decided to click through anyway and take another look, saw what was on offer and the price and thought I would get it anyway, even if I wasn’t ready to work through it just yet.

So good luck, and thank you for all your work!
Anne Waldon

Anne Waldon (via email)